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Welcome to Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI) We house an extensive collection of portable air conditioner rental options, spot coolers, heat pumps and electric fan heaters from the industry’s top manufacturers. These portable air conditioner are all available for both rental and purchase at either of our Florida and Long Island locations. All of our products are designed and engineered for commercial, industrial, and event cooling or heating needs. Typical applications include server/equipment rooms, health care facilities, office spaces, construction sites and tented events.

We are a preferred distributor for MovinCool, OceanAire, Kwikool and Therm~Air products. With locations in both New York and Florida, BCSI is your most convenient option for a portable air conditioner rental in NYC and Florida. With hundreds of rental units in stock in many sizes and configurations, we can meet your supplemental, temporary and/or emergency cooling and heating needs at a moment’s notice. You can rely on us for a dependable portable heat pump or air conditioner rental.
All of our cooling products are designed and engineered to meet the cooling and heating needs of your commercial or industrial building. In addition, we have portable air conditioner rental products that are great for outdoor events in New York and Florida. Purchasing a product from us will ensure that you’ll experience many years of extended operation with minimal maintenance and downtime.

Our Company

Here at BCSI, all of our products are designed and engineered for temporary and emergency applications, as well as event cooling and heating needs for commercial and industrial applications.

Cooling Solutions

The temperature in your office space, data center, server closet or outdoor event, to name a few, can rise unexpectedly for various reasons. An increase in heat can affect the productivity of your business. We offer Long Island and Port St. Lucie portable air conditioners that will allow you to control the temperature of your space and conquer hot spots, which might be causing discomfort or damage to your critical equipment.

Moisture Removal

To prevent water damage, protect equipment, stop mold and odors, accelerate drying in a disaster situation or at a construction site, water damage restoration begins with dehumidification. Our products dry rooms quickly to further limit damage from flooding or any type of water damage. We offer dehumidification equipment for rental, lease, and sale in Both New York and Florida. These units are intended for moisture removal for private, commercial, and industrial use.

Heating Solutions

BCSI offers portable heater rentals, leases, and sales from our New York and Florida locations. Our Therm~Air portable electric fan heaters and fans can be used for occupied spaces and process applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Featured Products

MovinCool Rental Florida

Climate Pro 12
Climate Pro 18

MovinCool’s Climate Pro line combines heating and cooling power into a single unit.

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Our Air Conditioner Rentals

We offer both portable air conditioner rentals and sales in NYC and Florida, with weekly and monthly rental rates available. Discounted rental rates are available for both long term and volume central orders. We are more than happy to meet all of your needs with a dependable spot cooler or portable heater.