A portable air conditioner for every situation.

At Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI), we house the widest selection of models available to meet all of your needs. No matter what your application requires, we have a portable air conditioner for you here at our Long Island store if your from the New York area, or our Port St Lucie location if your in the Florida area. That’s why our customers have come to depend on us for various cooling and heating products that pertain to their specific businesses’ unique application.

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Protect your assembly lines, CNC machines, food processing, injection molding, manufacturing plants, process cooling, warehouses and workers from the hottest environments with industrial portable air conditioning solutions. Bring cool-refrigerated air to production lines; reduce the risk of heat exhaustion to your employees; eliminate warping and condensation due to excess heat and humidity in your industrial environment; and cool your heat-generating equipment.

Data Centers & Telecom Applications

Protect your critical equipment by supplying supplemental or instant emergency back-up cooling.  Adding more servers to your existing data center will increase your heat load requiring more cooling.  Our compact portable computer cooling units conveniently roll in to tight spaces, or mount directly into your server rack providing a quick spot cooling solution.  With programmable controls these units can keep your equipment cool after business hours and during weekends.


As more heat generating equipment is being used  today, portable spot coolers for uses in hospitals, imaging centers, laboratories, MRI rooms, outpatient facilities, exam rooms and x-ray equipment are a wonderful solution to keep these facilities running smoothly.   Whether for temporary use for overcrowded patient areas, to prevent heat generating laboratory equipment from shutting down, for construction areas where the main A/C is temporarily offline, or supplemental cooling of MRI and other imaging equipment.

Portable spot coolers may be used for a variety of purposes in these industries, including the following:

  • Temporarily cooling overcrowded patient areas
  • Preventing heat generating laboratory equipment from shutting down
  • Cooling construction areas where the main AC is temporarily offline
  • Providing supplemental cooling of MRI and other imaging equipment

Office Spaces

As a business owner, it’s always essential to protect your employees, processes, and equipment from extreme environments. This is why you should take advantage of our portable air conditioning and heating solutions.

Construction & Industrial

Keep workers cool and productive with portable air conditioners in your construction environment. Pull moisture and humidity out of the air for acclimation of new woodwork or drywall.

Tents and Other Events

Keep your guests and participants cool and out of the extreme heat. We have portable air conditioners for uses at festivals, concerts, entertainment venues, hospitality suites, movie sets, sporting events, and/or tented affairs.  Our outdoor designed units are ETL listed for outdoor use ensuring safe cooling under strong sunlight and humid conditions.

Moisture Removal

Protect your valuable equipment and property from moisture damage. Accelerate drying for construction, disasters, water damage, to protect critical equipment or to stop mold and odors. Our portable dehumidifying units ensure faster recovery with efficient drying rates that take hours instead of weeks, cutting down on the cost of restoration. Our units are independently verified for performance, ETL and CUL safety listed and can pump out water up to 100 feet for drainage.