Construction & Industrial

Prevent heat exhaustion and improve production in your construction environment.

As a business owner, it’s always essential to protect your employees, processes, and equipment from extreme environments. This is why you should take advantage of portable air conditioning and heating solutions from Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI).

Our Therm~Air, Classic and Patron series are the perfect solutions for both indoor and open air applications and construction sites, as well as other workplaces. That’s because they efficiently bring cool, refrigerated air or heat to your job sites. In fact, they are designed to optimally control temperatures; they can cool down the hottest areas and bring warmth to the coldest areas without a large expense to your budget.

Portable air conditioning units can provide a better work environment for your employees.

By adding high quality air conditioning, you’ll reduce the risk of heat exhaustion among your employees, all while increasing their morale and productivity.

You’ll be preventing potential product defects as well when your work area is cool. This includes eliminating potential warping and condensation, which are often caused by too much heat or humidity.

In addition, you can also use our units for faster drying rates on products like drywall, paint, plaster, concrete, and adhesives. The overall processing time for these products will be reduced by using a portable air conditioning unit as well, ultimately saving your company both time and money.