Data Centers

Our air conditioning units provide supplemental, emergency, and backup cooling.

At Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI), we understand that you may have extremely critical equipment that’s an essential part of your business. That’s why we carry the Office Pro portable air conditioning series, which provides supplemental temperature control or instant emergency back-up when you need it for cooling your data center or server room near Port St. Lucie or New York during a heat-related crisis.

Manage heat dense equipment more effectively with portable cooling.

As there’s been a trend towards smaller, more “heat dense” server room air conditioning equipment, it’s not uncommon for equipment shutdowns to occur. The cause may be that the existing system has become more inadequate over time.

To solve this, Building Cooling Systems offers compact, portable air conditioning units that can conveniently roll into tight spaces, leaving you with a quick data center cooling solution to get your critical equipment back online. This supplemental cooling solution is also budget friendly and can save you from the overwhelming cost of replacing your entire A/C system.

MovinCool’s computer room spot coolers can turn your server room into a safe environment, protecting both your equipment and data. The spot coolers also continue to keep your server room cool after-hours or during the weekend, assuring that your equipment is running efficiently.