Temporary cooling and heating is the best way to keep your guests happy at your event.

Keep your guests cool or warm at a tented event by using Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI) for temporary cooling and heating rentals. Trust in us to deliver a portable climate control system to meet all of your needs.

Using a portable system at your outdoor event will keep your attendees comfortable while enjoying the festivities. Our units are suited for both indoor and outdoor tented applications as well, so you can use them for multiple purposes.

Spot Coolers

Our portable spot coolers run from 1 through 5 tons and are an ideal choice for small events. They can be installed instantly, in almost any application, and are extremely easy to transport and operate. Our large selection of different spot coolers ensures that you’ll find one that’s just right for your event.

Therm~Air Horizontal & Vertical Portable Tent Air Conditioners

Our rental fleet encompasses horizontal Therm~Air units, which come in sizes from 5 to 25 tons. Meanwhile, our vertical models are available in 5 to 20 tons. This selection is sure to meet the needs for your events. Moreover, all of our Therm~Air models are expertly designed for easy transportation, as well as quick setups. You’ll have a unit for your event or application that will make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved with expert temperature control. All Therm~Air models can be purchased or customized to fit your specific requirements.

Therm~Air Portable Electric Tent Heaters

If your event needs to be heated rather than cooled, we offer portable electric heating systems. They’re not only easy to install, but are designed for mobility. In addition, they have a revolutionary horizontal layout that uses fin-coils. We currently offer these models in 15 through 150 kW.