Keep staff & patients comfortable.

Because medical technology has grown to include more heat generating equipment, there’s an increased need for additional cooling in many healthcare environments. Look no further than the portable air conditioning units that are perfect for hospitals that we have here at Building Cooling System’s (BCSI) locations in New York and Port St. Lucie.

Cool heat-sensitive equipment with our portable air conditioners.

MovinCool’s Office Pro portable air conditioner series is one of the best choices you can make to meet your healthcare cooling needs in Port St. Lucie’s hot climate. When this unit cools your space, your equipment and practices will keep running smoothly and efficiently. In addition, your patients will feel much more comfortable.

These systems are great for emergency rooms, because they provide temporary air conditioning for when they become too hot and overcrowded. In addition, they prevent heat-generating laboratory equipment from shutting down while keeping employees cool at the same time. When working in an industry as essential as healthcare, this necessity cannot be overlooked.

A MovinCool system can also keep your environment functional if your healthcare facility is under construction, especially if your main hospital A/C unit is temporarily offline. MRI rooms and other imaging centers tend to overheat as well, and a portable air conditioning unit will effectively keep them cool.