Protect your employees from excessive heat conditions.

It’s not uncommon for manufacturing plants to become extremely hot environments, and you need to protect your employees from the temperatures. That’s why we offer innovative portable air conditioners to Long Island and Port St. Lucie. We at Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI) highly recommend MovinCool’s Classic and Classic Plus series for factories, warehouses and other work places, as they provide effective air conditioning in overheated areas.

Using our cooling equipment has substantial benefits for industrial situations.

You can easily bring cool, refrigerated air to your production lines, all without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on 100 or more tons of cooling. BCSI makes it possible with our portable air conditioning units and spot coolers. Not only will your employees feel more comfortable, but you’ll reduce the risk of heat exhaustion. Cool air will also increase your employee’s morale, leading to improved manufacturing quality and productivity.

With a reduction in excess heat and humidity, you’ll prevent product defects like warping and condensation. In addition, a portable spot cooling unit will reduce processing times for most heat related productions.