For a reliable cooling solution, look no further than Building Cooling Systems, Inc.

Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI) offers portable air conditioning in the Long Island and Port St. Lucie areas that perform at the highest efficiency. In addition, they’re all engineered for versatility. Whether you need a unit for an office area, computer room, industrial application, or even a tent, the possibilities are endless with a spot cooler rental. Our spot coolers and portable air conditioners are also durable enough to use for both permanent and temporary cooling needs. For private events, commercial or industrial use, contact BSCI for all your air conditioner rental or purchase needs in Long Island, New York City, and Florida.

For the highest quality supplemental, temporary, and emergency cooling solutions, our spot coolers are the right choice. All of our rental models are designed for easy mobility and accessibility, in addition to quick electrical connections. This ensures that your portable air conditioner rental is ready to function and begin cooling your space as soon as possible. Just a few popular cooling areas are server rooms, emergency rooms, industrial applications, offices, classrooms, outdoor events, manufacturing plants, data centers, tents, and construction sites.

Calculate Your Cooling Needs

To find out what type of spot cooler is right for you, please use this BTU calculator. After you enter the specs of your room, it will calculate the BTUs needed per square foot. From there, you can figure out what type of air conditioning unit is best for you. We aim to offer only the very best portable air conditioner units, so you have a system you can always depend on when you need it. Contact BCSI today to have a rental for your private tented event, or even commercial and industrial use. You can lease and buy any of our portable AC units too, so give us a call today at 1-866-MOVCOOL. We’d be happy to discuss your options for the best spot cooler rental with you.

For more information about our portable air conditioning units, contact us today at 1-866-MOVCOOL.

Spot Coolers: 1-10 Tons

Our spot coolers can be installed in nearly any application and will instantly cool your employees, equipment, and processes. We offer a wide selection of voltages and configurations to fit any need. The rental units we have include casters for easy mobility, electronic touch controls, 24 hour programmable operating modes, and 2-speed fan control.

Portable A/C Units: 3.5-30 Tons

Should you require higher cooling capacities, our large, industrial horizontal and vertical portable air conditioners by Therm~Air are what you’re looking for. These models are available from 3.5 through 30 tons and are manufactured to be easily ducted and are custom built with many optional features available. These air conditioners and coolers are available at both our Long Island and Port St. Lucie stores.

Water Cooled Systems

Our water cooled air conditioners are an option for applications where ducting exhaust air is not an option. To create cool air, a chilled water system is implemented to reject heat, which is transferred by the condenser coil. A water cooled portable air conditioner tends to be a popular choice for basements, wine cellars, and elevator equipment rooms.