Moisture Removal

Got humidity or water damage? Our MovinCool spot coolers are better than any other options.

Building Cooling Systems, Inc. (BCSI) offer rentals, leases, and sales for portable AC/dehumidifiers across the United States from our locations in Long Island and Port St. Lucie. Whether you need one to remove moisture, prevent water damage, protect equipment, stop mold and odors, eliminate water damage, or even accelerate drying, these air conditioning units are the perfect solution. That’s because the dehumidification process is the most effective way to quickly dry out a room, while limiting further damage from flooding, a leak, or a main water break.

A MovinCool portable spot cooler ensures faster moister removal with efficient drying rates that take hours instead of weeks. Simply roll in the unit, plug it in and turn it on! You’ll save time and money with technology that is designed to remove moisture and replace it with dry, cooling air. It’s the perfect temporary dehumidification solution for protecting valuable equipment and property from moisture damage and black mold growth!

Dehumidification Features

  • Speeds drying process with flexible ducting options
  • Spot cools with special air conditioning configuration
  • ETL safety listed
  • Pumps water 100 feet to reach faraway drains (pump optional, collection tank standard)

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Emergency Service

Should you experience a flood, leak, or something similar, you can easily prevent further damage with a MovinCool spot cooler. In addition, it will help your building recover quickly from being exposed to excessive water.


If you’re working with drywall, paint, plaster, concrete, or adhesives, a MovinCool spot cooler can dry the job quickly. This will help you save time and money, all while having the finished product turn out with even better quality.


MovinCool’s spot coolers are a great choice for protecting valuable assets of your building. Whether it’s electronics, packaging, artwork, or medical equipment, it will be kept safe from damaging moist air.